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“Found in the struce”

Ideas shouldn’t get “lost in the struce”: they should be put on a podcast! Explaining challenging concepts from economics, statistics, social science, data science/tech, philosophy and EA… without watering it down. You’ll come away with real knowledge and insight that you didn’t have before. Reading and discussing articles and posts; mine & others Short takes/short ideas, & some gripes and musings on language, society, & culture. Findings & themes from behavioral science, carefully considering the evidence (not just sensational headlines).

“EA Forum podcast”

We read particularly interesting or impactful posts from the EA forum

“Profusion Data Podcast”

Direct from Profusion HQ, join our hosts, Henrik Nordmark (Director of Science, Data and Innovation) and David Reinstein (Academic Consultant), as they talk to data leaders from popular household brands to uncover just how companies are really using their data.


Presentations and talks (coming soon)

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