Venn diagramming my research (interests)

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I think my research evolves from the nexus of questions I am interested in (interest), things that I think I can say something about (opportunity), and things that other people seem to like (external value), with the priority in that order.

However, when people ask ‘what is your research about’ I try to categorize it ex-post. So, here are some attempts at Venn diagrams explaining this. Some things are left intentionally vague because I can’t “give away the milk for free”.

Here it is by TOPIC:  ResearchVenn (1)

And by METHODS USED: ResearchVennMethods (1). Of course all of the papers use ‘low tech methods’ such as anecdotes, reviews of previous research, and intuitive argumentation/logic.

When I get a chance I will try to make the ‘nodes’ linkable to the articles/papers.

Question: Are these diagrams intelligible to others or is this just “in my head”?