The 'human fund' question

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Got this email:

Subject: Donations to charity in someone’s name as a gift

Who is the giver in this case?

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My thoughts: Yeah, I’ve wondered that myself. I suppose the receiver of the gift has the right to be considered the ‘giver of the charitable donation.’ At least if it was in lieu of a birthday/wedding gift etc. Because they have ‘sacrificed’ their normal present for the charity.

The person who gives this ‘present’ should not feel morally virtuous, and should certainly not reduce their other giving in response. (But perhaps the receiver could do so).

On the other hand if it’s in honor of someone deceased or someone who isn’t ‘expecting’ a gift, then the giver can feel virtuous. Agree?

On a related note, I often thought that one should be able to give gift certificates to purchase something at a charity store (Oxfam, etc). This is then a ‘real gift’ but also encourages the recipient to support the cause,