EA Market Testing team (EAMT)

The “EA Market Testing Team” represents a small group of researchers and practitioners interested in promoting effective altruism and effective charitable giving and learning more about what motivates this.

: ## Why is this important?

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first organized collaboration of its kind. We aim to:

  • Coalesce our understanding and evidence on barriers and facilitators of effective altruism/effective giving/effective action

  • Run a broad set of powerful trials and experiments (esp. in large-scale settings), gathering evidence on ’what works best to promote meaningful actions (donations and commitments) in specific cases as well as general principles and approaches

  • Conduct profiling, survey, and segmentation activities and trials, building evidence on which types of people are most responsive to effective giving messages and appeals

  • Share our results, data, and tools with the larger community interested in effective giving; report our work both for practitioners and researchers/academics